What Job Posting information is required?

  • Job Title
  • Job Category
  • Job Description
  • City (if it is a small town you may consider using a near-by metropolitan city increase traffic)
  • State
  • Zip Code (if it is a small town you may consider using a near-by metropolitan zip code to increase traffic)


Q: What if I don’t have multiple jobs to post today?

A: No worries! The job packs are there for whenever you have another job to post.


Job Quality

Job Title

Do not use all CAPS and/or include extra information or recruiting language in the titles such as:

  • Hiring Drivers Now - $3,000 Sign-On Bonus!
  • $.60 CPM for CDL A DRIVERS
  • *No Touch Freight Apply Today*
  • Do not use extra punctuation ! ? and special characters $ * %


Job description

  • Make your description easy to read by using formatting options like headings and bulleted lists for requirements.
  • Limit the use of images in your job description since they aren’t supported by most job boards.
  • Do not add your email address, phone number or website link in the body of job description.
  • Include enough detail so that candidates understand the duties and requirements of the position at your company.
  • Consider including information about your benefits or company details to make the position more appealing.



Jobs may not be accepted by all job boards if you’re already posting there directly or from another source.

Some jobs are not eligible for job board syndication. The majority of job boards do not accept posts that are confidential/anonymous; advertise commission-only, multi-level-marketing programs, solicitation by middlemen or solicitations for purposes other than direct job-specific employment. Such adverts, whether they represent a legitimate career opportunity or not, are simply out of scope for job search sites.



The number of candidates you generate from job board postings varies based on needed skill sets, location, employer branding and reputation, competitiveness and freshness of the role, etc.

Although popular job sites can bring a lot of candidates, sometimes you’ll receive less than you were expecting. There can be a number of reasons for this:

High competition - If a position is in high demand, intense competition will impact the number of applications you receive.

Presentation - Take a look at the way your company and the position are presented

Job Freshness - Job sites tend to show more recent job postings higher in search results. This means that in the first few days you’ll get more candidates—but later on, the job listing is buried low in the searches. If you’re reposting a job, create a new post or copy your current post (so it has a fresh date). But be careful, if you overdo this (i.e. creating an identical job position and republishing it every week) it will be detected by job boards and could be blocked.


Choosing Where Your Jobs Appear

NationalDriverJobs.com will send your job to other job boards. However, it is up to the job board’s discretion to place the job on their site.


Please note: We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may not be posted. Each job board always retains the right to undertake such a removal if they feel it is in their interest or the users’ interest.


Q: Will my email address and name be visible to candidates when they are viewing my posting?

A: Candidates applying to your position are not able to see your email address, name or any of the contact information associated with your account or job posting. Candidates simply click a button to apply. You may opt to receive applicants via email or redirect them to an external URL to apply. It is then up to you to contact candidates you are interested in.